Uganda’s favorable climate, political stability and road network make MUBFS accessible all year round. Several major international flight carriers land at Entebbe International airport regularly. The country’s currency, the Uganda shilling is about 3,500 to the US Dollar. It is advisable for visitors to check with their local health authorities at least six weeks prior to travel to determine if any immunization is required.

MUBFS is located in Kibale National Park; it has two research sites. The main research site is located at Kanyawara and a smaller camp at Ngogo which is only a three to four hours’ walk from the Kanyawara. Both sites are easily accessible by road. The journey from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, to MUBFS headquarters at Kanyawara via Mubende takes four to six hours. The total distance is about 300 km.  An alternative road goes South through Masaka, Mbarara, Kasese (via Queen Elizabeth National Park) and Fort Portal; this route takes about eight (8) hours.