The station has been able to host a number of courses

  1. In 2013 the Ant course which was the first to be held in Africa and Uganda was selected particularly. It is an expensive course hosted in different regions and the station was lucky to host it.
  2. Annually, the station has been hosting Liverpool University for the last five years.
  3. MUBFS has hosted the Tropical Biology Association that has had courses since 1994 and they have booked 2016.
  4. In 2015, the station had an opportunity to hold a course from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge UK. It was their first time in Uganda after holding courses in Kenya for the last 19 years and were interested by the the Course Coordinator- TBA, Dr Clive Nuttman to come and try particularly MUBFS facilities- Uganda. When they reached the station, they expressed interest in the station and for that matter they have already booked to come back in September 2016. In 2014 and 2015, they had 18 students and the number has increased to 22 mainly because of the experience they had at MUBFS.
  5. Another group that was hosting their course at MUBFS was Imperial College London but these stopped coming because of the Uganda Anti Gay law.
  6. The station has also held courses from McGill University every year and we expect more courses to be held at MUBFS from the same university in June 2016 if finances permit.
  7. The station also hosts local workshops and seminars from neighboring institutions and districts NGOs routinely. UWA also takes advantage of the station and whenever they have planning workshops, they are charged to keep the station running.
  8. Makerere University’s different departments, Long Distance Education,WARM- veterinary, CoNAS mostly Botany and Zoology, former MUIENR would bring some courses. In the year 2015, students of Tourism resumed using the Field station.